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Annette Mathis and Contractors Are Us have been a lifesaver. Annette has always responded to any type of call at any time of the day. They are an unbelievably great and well organized company. She is very professional and makes sure all of her contractors are courteous, respectful and on time. When I need something or someone, I know I can rely on Annette to get the job done (even on Super Bowl Sunday)!!!

Thank you for everything.

Charles Lulak - Brookdale Santa Monica Gardens


"Looking for a company that stands by their name; follows through on each request; completes tasks timely; handles any situation quick and to satisfaction? Contact Annette with Contractors Are Us-she makes sure any job gets done! I have been working with Contractors Are Us for over 5 years and have been happy with the work from their plumbers, appliance, and any other contractor services. All the stated qualification are met and the vendors are held to high standards. I would recommend this company for any work needing to be done."

Leyda Fernandez - Enterprise Property Management

I work for a property management and we manage many different rental properties. Annette with Contractors Are Us is always available to help me find contractors and handymen to go out and bid and repair different items and issues for properties. These properties range from the LA county to the Inland Empire and the prices that are quoted are always very reasonable and often times we use the vendors. If there is ever an issue with the work that is done (which is rare) the contractors guarantee their work and have no problem going back out. I use contractors are us on a daily basis and am in close communication with Annette Mathis. Also the contractors are always on time, ready to work, and understand the needs of our management company. I highly recommend using this company for any repairs needed. Large or small they can do it all!

Sam G -  Blackstone Property 

I am the founder and owner of EH Construction. I have know Annette Mathis, owner and founder or Contractors Are Us for several years.

Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and good personality distinguish her with her expertise, we have become good friends. That is the key and success to continuously do business.

I personally like her self-motivation and that also motivates me, easy person to work with, good socialization skills, and very honest person.

I will recommend her all the time.

Elias Hermosillo - EH C

My daughter and I are very happy with the job done by Brian. He did an excellent job. It was exactly what we wanted.

Annette was excellent too. She made sure everything was done accordingly and to our satisfaction. I would call them again. They are both professional and I highly recommend them.

Jessica M. – Home Owner


It is great to be part of Contractors Are Us. We get referrals for our appliance service business that we actually convert to sales.

Also I can always find contractors I need. I always find the best plumbers, electricians, handymen, etc. It is very efficient way knowing that company only works with licensed and top rated contractors 


Michael - 

I appreciate the chance to work with Contractors Are US. They provide me with referrals to quality work and great customers. I have also used them to find people to do work on my projects when it is something which I cannot do. Very helpful and interested in things working out for both the customer and contractor. 

Tom Burpee - 
As the Maintenance Supervisor for a property management company, I am always looking for good, reliable contractors in all fields. I have been working with Annette at Contractors Are Us for over a year now, and have nothing but good results. I always get a quick response and the contractors she works with are top-notch. Whatever we need, she can find someone to do the job. Thanks!

Brent - Ponderosa Prop. Man.

Annette from Contractors Are Us is highly efficient and a great partner to have. She helped me find numerous highly qualified licensed door installers. I have hired several individuals Annette referred me to and they are working out really well. My Business has been impacted tremendously and is growing positively due to installers hired from Contractors Are Us. I highly recommend them.

Kay -