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Contractors looking to work with Contractors Are Us? Call us at 323-282-0537 to see if you qualify.

Disclaimer: Although Contractors Are Us conducts a thorough check on all of our contractors, it is ultimately up to the customer to check references and make their own decision before using any contractor associated with Contractors Are Us.

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Professional duct cleaning

With the changing of seasons comes also the change of temperature in your home or business. AC systems are starting to be turned on here and there these days to keep cool. Before you feel the need to run that cooling system more often it may be a good idea to have the ducting system cleaned out. Over the winter the air ducts in your home or business have gathered a lot of germs, bacteria and dust and should be cleaned and disinfected by a professional contractor before running your system. Here at CRU we have just those types of pros who are ready to get you running clean and germ free ASAP! Give us a call today to see about getting your free quote on your duct cleaning before that old sun has you running your system more often. Offices in and around L.A. County. Email to