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Contractors looking to work with Contractors Are Us? Call us at 323-282-0537 to see if you qualify.

Disclaimer: Although Contractors Are Us conducts a thorough check on all of our contractors, it is ultimately up to the customer to check references and make their own decision before using any contractor associated with Contractors Are Us.

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Kitchen exhaust cleaning pros

Are you a restaurant owner or Maintenance supervisor at a facility that does a high volume of cooking? If so then you know you need to have your kitchen exhaust cleaned every 3-6 months. Sometimes a painful necessity but a required necessity none the less. Not only to stay in compliance but also to keep your kitchen smoke free and out of fire danger. Since this is a necessity why not call on a company that is reliable, well trained, and will be on top of reminded you when your service is due rather than you having to chase them down when its time. Here at CRU we are that company your looking for! We have friendly Contractors ready to get that exhaust cleaning done today and for months to come. On time and professionally. Dont wait! Call or email today! Were ready to keep things running cool and smooth in your kitchen ASAP! Contractors in the Los Angeles County and surrounding areas! Call 323-282-0537 or email to: