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Contractors looking to work with Contractors Are Us? Call us at 323-282-0537 to see if you qualify.

Disclaimer: Although Contractors Are Us conducts a thorough check on all of our contractors, it is ultimately up to the customer to check references and make their own decision before using any contractor associated with Contractors Are Us.

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Dryer vent Cleaning...A necessity!

Do you know when the last time it was that you had your dryer vent cleaned out? Year ago? Two years ago? Ever haha! Yes it is not something everyone knows to do but it is necessary. A dirty dryer vent line can raise your power bill, cause your clothes to take several cycles to dry and yes even cause fire damage if overheated and full of lint! Well here at CRU we have a team of professional contractors who specialize in just this type of cleaning. Friendly pros ready to get out to your home or business ASAP! Dont wait till it becomes a unfortunate problem for you. If you havent had your dryer vent cleaned out in the past year give us a call or email today and let us help you get things running free and clear fast! Offices in Southern California. Call to 323-282-0537 for Los Angeles County and surrounding areas or Email to