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Air duct cleaning Contractors

Posted on April 15, 2018 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

With the summer heat coming upon us quickly now everyone is starting to turn on their ac units at home and in the office. After sitting dormit all through the winter season the ductwork attached to those ac units has become filled with dust and contaminates which will also bring bad odors and dust settling all around your home or business. Here at Contractors Are Us we have the best air duct cleaning contractors in the business. Ready to come out to your home or business to clean and disinfect your ac system fast and professionally. So dont wait till your running your system full time and are feeling the regret of not cleaning that ac system sooner. Call now and let us get a friendly professional ac duct cleaning contractor out to your place today! Ask for [email protected] 323-282-0537

Commercial dryer duct cleaning

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Do you own an apartment building and tenants are complaining that clothes in their units are taking longer to dry than usual? Do they complain of strange odors or water leaking in the laundry room? Most likely that is due to clogged dryer lines in those apt. units. It is important to have those lines cleaned out by trained professionals on a regular annual basis to ensure clean running machines-happy tenants-and avoid possibility of fire damage. Here at Contractors Are Us we have the right men for the job with the proper equipment and training to get the job done. Special pricing for multiple unit cleaning. Call now and ask for [email protected] 323-282-0537 for your free estimate today!

Need a cleaning crew?

Posted on January 4, 2018 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (1)

Happy 2018! The New Year is here! Time to get back to business and get things done. For restaurant owners and hotel owners you know the beginning of the new year also brings the inspectors. So have to get that kitchen hood cleaned and up to code or could be that you need a good janitorial service to keep things neat and clean in your business or restaurant. Whatever your need along the cleaning lines we here at Contractors Are Us have the best in the Business. Licensed friendly contractors at your service. You have enough to do at the start of the new year so dont use up your valuable time searching for a good cleaning company. We are your one stop shop for Contractors. So call now and lets get the job done! Ask for Annette @323-282-0537

Need roof replacement?

Posted on December 25, 2017 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Up on the rooftop click click click it must be Old St Nick! Or possibly that rooftop that has been weather beaten for so many years has worn and is falling apart and what your actually hearing is your roof coming apart a piece at a time. No time to worry about that on Christmas Day though! So on the day after why not let us at Contractors Are Us do the worrying for you. We have the best roofers in the business ready to get out to your home or business and get that roof replaced or repaired right away. Lets have any noise you hear on the roof in the future be Jolly Old St Nick next year instead of a damaged roof! And from all of us here at Contractors Are Us we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! You can ask for [email protected] 323-282-0537

Dryer duct cleaning

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Having trouble with energy bill rising? Clothes taking twice as long to dry than usual? Or maybe you own a laundromat or Apartment building and tenants are complaining about these things. Most likely you need to have those dryer ducts cleaned out. If you have a larger building or business then you know that this is something that needs to be done regularly. But if you are a homeowner it is not something that everyone knows. Here at Contractors Are Us we have the best dryer duct contractors in the business. So before you call a repair tech for your dryer. Call us and let us get a professional duct cleaner out to you today! Ask for Annette @ 323-282-0537

Heating duct cleaning

Posted on November 26, 2017 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Brrrr! Cold winter days call for the heat to go on! But you turn on your heater and the dust flying around your home and the musty smell of that dirty heating duct system is more than you can take! Should you brave the cold? Better solution is to get hold of a licensed and professional duct cleaner to come in and clean and disinfect that dirty duct system. Here at Contractors Are Us we have the best heating duct cleaners in the business. Who are ready to help you out at your home or business today. So dont put on more blankets! Call us now and let us get a quality duct cleaner out to your home or business today! Ask for Annette @ 323-282-0537

Leaky roof?

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The Fall season is upon us now! That means that with it the rains will start to come soon. And with the rain the possible discovery that you have a leaky roof. Have you had your roof inspected lately for wear or damage? It would be a good idea before the rains come to have your roof checked out before you get caught with a downpour in your living room and not enough pots and pans to save your carpet! Here at Contractors Are Us we have the best roofers in the business ready to come out and see you today! So dont wait and get caught all wet. Call now and let us help you stay dry and warm in your home this Fall. Ask for Annette @ 323-282-0537

Need heating duct cleaning?

Posted on August 22, 2017 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Summer is almost officially over and school is back in session. With the changing of the seasons it also brings about weather change. Turning on furnaces that havent been used in months. During that time the ducting system in your home or business has become filled with dust and germs. Not very helpful during cold and flu season. Here at Contractors are Us we have the best duct cleaning specialist in the business. We screen them to make sure of that point. So dont wait till the last minute when your already ready to turn on that heating system. Call now and let us get a specialist out to you today! Ask for [email protected] 323-282-0537

Duct Cleaning

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Well here we are at school season again. Kids are leaving early in the morning healthy and happy and coming home possibly sick! Yes its a fact that in schools there are a lot of germs and viruses floating around. It cant be helped! But what can help is making sure the air ducts in the school stay clean and germ free so it is not circulating back into the classrooms that the children are in. It is a good rule in schools, hospitals, office buildings and any building that uses an air duct system that you should get those ducts cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Here at Contractors Are Us we have the best duct cleaners in the business ready to help you make sure the air you breathe is as germ free as possible. So dont wait! Call now! And let us get you get on the path to clean air. Ask for [email protected] 323-282-0537

Article About Contractors Are Us

Posted on April 19, 2017 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

APRIL 10, 2017

Meet Annette Mathis of Contractors Are Us in East Los Angeles


Today we’d like to introduce you to Annette Mathis.

Annette, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

Contractors Are Us opened our doors on January 1st, 2014. I was a duct cleaning contractor. I have run a couple of other companies in the last 18 years so I had a large list of contractors. Customers had started coming to me and asking for help locating reliable, responsible contractors. I found there was a real need for this service.

Finding dependable contractors proved to be a hard thing to do. I have spent that last couple of years fine tuning how we should operate. Who we should use and who we should not. I think we have a pretty good system in place now.

Has it been a smooth road?

I’m sure for all new business owners there are obstacles that stand in the way.

– Money to support and grow the activity

– Money to survive

But I think that one of the biggest obstacles would be how to find reliable responsible contractors to work with. I have gone through an enormous number of contractors. But I have learned to keep an eye out for red flags.

Some big red flags would be:

– A contractor who is unwilling to communicate regarding a job

– If a contractor has had multiple businesses and changed the contractor’s license over to another name more than once. You need to look at the old license, old name. Do an online search to see why they changed names.

– ANY mark on their license. You cannot have a mark on your license and be one of our contractors.

Another obstacle was overcoming the bad taste contractors and customers alike had in their mouth for companies similar to mine. I have personally had the experience on the contractor’s side.

Companies would send out a job to a large number of contractors and expect to be paid for the lead. On the contractor’s side, they would pay for the lead and have to rush to call the job because it was possible a large number of other people would be calling as well. On the customers side they would receive a good amount of calls. The contractors may have been vetted originally to verify they are licensed insured contractors but there was no one to make sure the contractor has actually done what they said they would do.

We’d love to hear more about your business.

Contractors Are Us is a contractor Liaison Service, which means we are the middle guys to make sure everything goes well from the quoting of the job to the completion of it.

We have just about any type of service you are looking for. From a Plumber to a General to a Duct Cleaner, Heating/Air Conditioning, Landscaping, and Restoration…… the list could go on. If more than one quote for a service is needed we do have multiple contractors for the same service. A customer can request up to 3 quotes. We work with every type of industry from Residential to Commercial to Industrial.

I like to think of us as a community of ethical contractors that a customer and a contractor alike can feel safe working with.

We consider ourselves a one stop service company. If a contractor cannot do the full service we have someone else who can step in to help with projects. A customer is never left to try and figure out what to do on a project. As an example, we have an HVAC company who called to say that they had found asbestos on a job. We had an asbestos company come out to deal with the issue and someone take care of the repairs after the work had been completed. The customer was kept informed the entire way through and was never just left to figure out what to do next. These types of situations can be scary and it’s nice to have someone you can depend on to help you through it.

We have a section on our website where we ask our contractors to tell us something about their company that sets them apart from other contractors similar to theirs. I invite you to have a look. There are some great responses.

We started here in the LA area. We now cover a good majority of Southern California and are expanding in Northern California. We have had requests for our services in other states but we are not quite ready for this as of yet. But hopefully soon!

Jeff Mathis is the Northern California Branch Manager

Mark Hernandez is the Southern California Branch Manager

And I am in charge of Customer/ Contractor Relations

Is our city a good place to do what you do?

I definitely consider LA a good place to start a business. Laws are strict. But if you work within the legal limits of the law, offer a phenomenal product and operate in a good ethical manner there is enough work out there for everyone.

My favorite section of my website is what sets us apart. I ask all of my contractors this. What would make someone want to use you? Why are you different from all of the other businesses who do the same service as you do? I don’t want to work with some company who does not value what they have to offer. This helps them to have a hard look at who they are as a company.

Contact Info:

• Address: Los Angeles CA 90063

• Website:

• Phone: 323-282-0537 / 323-915-0430

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