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Contractors Are Us was started 5 years ago with one goal in mind, to be a safe place for customers and contractors alike to come and know they will be protected as much as possible

Honesty and integrity are not just words we use. Every contractor is held to the same standards. No contractor can pay for a better listing, It is only earned.

On the customers side we stay a part of the job and help them get any problems resolved to the best of our ability. We also help figure out any difficult situations the customer may find themselves in. Such as an unknown on how to handle a situation or if a situation is so overwhelming they don't know where to start.

On the contractors side we help if its needed with communications, making sure they are covering themselves, helping to resolve conflicts, finding subs if they need them, helping them locate employees if its needed & help with billing. The good thing about our program is that no contractor is left alone to figure out how to deal with something. We also have benefits we are working out for the contractor such as tax help, simple customer retention sites, lift discounts and more being added daily.

Not every contractor can be a part of our community. They of course must be licensed, insured and have a good reputation. We are  a community of ethical, honest contractors who keep our word. Our industry has a bad name because there are so many out their burning customers. So anyone who works with us must agree to be ethical, honest and keep their word as well. If they are a general all of their subs they work with must agree to our guidelines in order to work on any of our jobs.

Our Mission Statement

Here at Contractors Are Us we take pride in providing premium contracting services. Any contractor who works with us is required to be licensed and insured and have excellent verifiable references. They need to have all of these items and operate in an ethical and honest manner. We also require that our contractors do not cut corners.

In dealing with a premium company you will have less worries or hassles. If there is an issue with a job we will step in to help if the contractor doesn’t do as they say they will in writing.

We work with a community of contractors who are specialist in almost any field that you have a need for.

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Whats Sets Us And Our Contractors Apart?